5 Ways to Transform Mental Burnout

5 Ways to Transform Mental Burnout

I frequently ask my community on TikTok and Instagram to drop their questions so I can reply to them during my “Wellness Wednesday” Livestreams (every Wednesday at 7 pm MST on TikTok).

Mental Burnout is a topic that keeps coming up…. How it affects your life and how to stop it.

Here are my best 5 tips to deal with it:

1. Eliminate decision fatigue. When you make so many decisions all day long, by the end of the day you’re saturated and exhausted. Your willpower has gone down and you’re likely giving into temptations or just zoning out for the rest of the night. This cycle can continue for weeks, months, or years even.

What decisions can you outsource, automate, or eliminate? If you start outsourcing some of these decisions, it will free up mental space (consider it as deleting the cache memory of your phone/computer lol). Then you can focus your energy on the things that matter most to you.

This might be hard to change if you’re a perfectionist (which is not a good thing and I also have had to work on this
myself ). Sometimes, you just have to surrender these decisions to other people or you will not grow, you will just burn yourself out.

2. Refueling. Yes, I’m talking about simple things just like hydration (drinking the right amount of water every day is a MUST). I know you´re a busy person (just like me… single mom with 4 kids) or maybe you’re doing intermittent fasting, which also helps with mental clarity (bonus tip).

Regardless, you need to keep your body/brain hydrated and energized. These are my best recommendations that may help you too: water, herbal teas, coffee (2 cups max per day), MCT Oil (this is brain fuel, seriously), and of course adaptogens (you can mix them with tea or just water). I even have a list of whole foods that boost your energy, support your hormones, and boost your metabolism naturally that you can download for free and stick on your fridge! Vitamins and supplements also can help, especially if things like your iron, vit B levels or Vit D are low.

3. Declutter your space: this is actually one of my favorites. There’s even science and evolutionary reasoning behind this too (nerd mode on lol). Like the hunter-gatherer days, men’s brains were designed to hunt so they were just focused on that one specific task… But women (feminine energy), were gatherers, we’re connectors. We can multitask but we feel EVERYTHING. We have to be very aware of everything that’s around us so what happens, nowadays, is when your environment is cluttered, and you have clothes all over the place, laundry is a mess, the bathroom is a mess, your car… all these things call out to you which drains your energy.

All those things don’t affect men (most anyway) as much as us. So, when you’re not working, go and work on a room. Start getting rid of that clutter. You might not think it’s affecting you but trust me, it mentally drains you. This goes for dudes too.

4. Brain Dump. This is something I learned after my husband passed away and I had to take care of my company in addition to everything a husband used to take care of. All these moving pieces with my kids and my household administrative stuff were all held in my head. We hold our to-do list in our heads and that slows us down. Don’t store unnecessary stuff in your head. Every small detail you need to do during the day, the week, or even during the month, those things will burn your brain and emotions out. My suggestion: get a piece of paper, an agenda, a whiteboard, or a journal and just dump stuff out. Make lists and leave them there.

I personally journal every single day. I get that unnecessary stuff out of my head. The best part of journaling is that you don’t need to verbally and emotionally vomit on people. Write it out!

Plus, whatever you focus on you manifest more in your life. So, also brain dump your dreams and things you're thankful for… you’ll feel so much happier and manifest more of it.

5. Become aware of your self-talk & get back into your body. Being so “in your head” all the time is one of the biggest reasons why we get mental burnout. Let me try to explain this better… Do you find that, during the day, you have this “story” running through your head, you’re thinking about all the things you need to do and analyzing stuff? You’re beating yourself up? Comparing yourself to others? Replaying old narratives over and over?

Not only is it important to “re-frame” your self-talk but also practice doing things that take you out of your head and go back into your body: working out, taking a bath, meditating, going for a walk… dancing!!! Just do something that takes you out of your head every day.

Remember, re-programming takes practice and perseverance. Practice this every single day and you will start mastering your mind and body.

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To your mind and body success, xo



Natashia- Certified Transformation and Nutrition Coach BN, worked as an RN in internal medicine for several years before becoming a full time stay home mom of four. In 2019, she lost her young husband to cancer. Now, penetrating the beauty industry, Natashia and her brand Mia Adora™ are on a mission to help make women’s beauty and wellness game easier. Read more

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