Hi, I’m Natashia, mom of 4, Certified Life Transformation & Nutrition Coach, BN I help women just like you master their beauty and weight loss game.

Whether you want to burn fat, boost energy, or get beauty tips for super busy women, I got you covered.

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Mia Adora Resilient Women Resilient Makeup
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Mia Adora Resilient Women Resilient Makeup


You have to last through everything life throws at you in the day... so should your makeup.

We help busy active women feel bold and beautiful with the best smudgeproof, waterproof & lifeproof eye makeup that actually lasts all day with you.

Your eyebrows won’t rub off after a sweaty workout, your eyeliner will last through a day at the beach, your mascara will last through a tough day and chick flick. That’s what Mia Adora is about.

Our products, community, and site are dedicated to helping you live both a BOLD and BEAUTIFUL life! From makeup tutorials to mindset videos to inspirational stories of overcoming hardships... my hope and prayer is to help empower both your inner and outer game. Mia Adora Resilient Women Resilient Makeup

-Natashia, Founder, Pro Beauty Wellness, Momma x4

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