How to Intermittent Fast & Use The Feel Great System

Easy Steps for You

✅ Intermittent fast 12:12, 14:10, or 16:8
✅ Upon waking up: drink unimate tea
✅ Before first meal: drink balance

#1 Before supper: drink balance

#2 *Try to go 4 hrs in between meals so your body can burn up stored fat for energy

✅Watch more videos in “Weight Loss & Feel Great” video section for more info
✅ Watch more videos in “mind & body transformation” section to help transform your mindset, emotions, & energy
✅ Ask me direct questions to me via sms for fastest response
✅ Be sure you’re subscribed to unicity feel great system so you don’t miss any days on the system. Aim to stick to 90 days to start your transformation

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