Hi, I'm Tash,

founder of Mia Adora, retired internal med RN, mom x4, certified hormones & metabolic weight loss coach.

After losing my husband to colorectal cancer and becoming a widow with 4 little kids at 33 years old, I had to go through a major transformation.

Now, I help thousands of others in my community, just like you lose weight, improve their metabolic & hormone health (ex. blood sugars, cholesterol, liver enzymes, shrink their belly fat), improve their emotional health and self-sabotage, and even waist train for the moms... without extreme workouts or any dieting.

You deserve to feel beautiful and healthy regardless of what you've been through.

When you feel good, you show up differently...and when you show up differently, what shows up for you starts to change too!

My internationally recognized makeup & wellness brand has also had a glow-up, and now I'm here to give you ALL THE TOOLS AND STRATEGIES you need for your glow up too!

Nothing changes until you do first.

Our Mission

Mia Adora is on a mission to change lives all over the world. Half of our team are Venezuelan refugees who have experienced incredible transformation and new opportunities to gain skills and rebuild their lives. We also partner with other companies and organizations that are freeing women and children from slavery in the sex trafficking industry and in war torn countries... giving these women skills and resources to rebuild their lives.