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Energy and De-stress Drops Super Bundle [Ashwagandha Capsules, Fat Burner & Energy Drops]

Energy and De-stress Drops Super Bundle [Ashwagandha Capsules, Fat Burner & Energy Drops]

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🍵Known as “Liquid Gold” our unique blend also promotes hair growth, collagen production, and other anti-aging benefits.

Stress wreaks havoc on your hormones and AGES your hair, skin, nails, and insides really fast!

🧬Adaptogens, well researched, been around for thousands of years, are the Queen Bee of natural anti-aging tools to help the body "adapt to stress" on a "Hormonal" HPA level.

The closest thing you'll get to a "magic pill" in my opinion (as long as you're taking high quality potent ones)...

🌱Ashwagandha - slows depletion of collagen, prevents hair loss, promotes hair growth, & beauty sleep because...most known for lowering stress cortisol (stress belly fat), & anxiety

🌱Rhodiola - Anti-aging herb lowers stress and inflammation in the skin, dryness, & is an energizing mood booster.

🌱Maca - helps dry skin, weight gain, mood, energy, and hair loss (especially in menopause women)

🌱Ginseng - promotes hair growth, prevents hair loss, metabolism & energy booster

🌱Astragalus- "Fountain of youth herb" Known to stimulate hair follicle growth, boost collagen, and boost cancer-fighting immune system.


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Customer Reviews

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Jessica Desormes
Life Changer

As a nurse who is is going through peri menopause I had spent the last two years researching natural ways to Relieve my symptoms. I have spent hundreds of dollars on supplements and monthly subscriptions totaling over $300 a month. I stumbled across Mia on Instagram and said what’s the worst that could happen that I spent more money? This has been a life changer within the first time I took it I have way more energy no more sweet tooth cravings and my anxiety is non existent . I’m on my second order and I will keep ordering this product !

Reviewer avatar
Life Changing!!!

I have been taking the Mia Adora drops for three months, and I have been meaning to write a review for quite a while now, but when I threw back the covers and got out of bed this morning, I was filled with so much gratitude that nothing could stop me from writing this review today. Are they fat burning drops? I haven’t really noticed any difference in that department, maybe slightly less bloating at times… Are they energy drops? Well not really, although the ones that contain ginseng sometimes do give me a bit of heart palpitations. But let me tell you what these drops HAVE done for me. They have taken away Every. Single. Symptom. of menopause that had plagued me for the last two years. For months upon months I suffered so badly with the hellish effects of peri-menopause and I never dreamed that relief was waiting for me on the other side of these drops. I originally purchased the drops to support Natasha because she is literally the sweetest person, and if you’ve ever been to her Tiktok lives you know that she is truly a genuine and loving human being. And I thought, well a little extra energy couldn’t hurt! But I could not have dreamed how my life was about to change for the better. It’s like I’ve been living a beautiful dream these last few months since I started the drops. I no longer have any hot flashes ever. I mean not EVER. I no longer wake up each and every morning with debilitating hormonal headaches. I have no more sleep disturbances, the symptoms of which are so hard to explain but it was just such an awful, upsetting experience. I now go to sleep every night with no problem and I sleep like a baby. And no more constant sickening anxiety! Girl!! Can you imagine the relief?! My libido had disappeared during peri-menopause. These drops brought back my lost desire and even boosted it higher than it was before! I had total dryness in that area as well and now all moisture has been restored. (I don’t know how else to say that LOL) When I think back to life when I had all those symptoms, it seems like a horrible nightmare that I have finally woken up from. If I were to say to you, hey guess what! I no longer have hot flashes! that would not mean much to you. But if I explained that with each hot flash came a sickening feeling in the pit of my stomach, panic, sweating, discomfort and a sensation of feeling so disturbed that it’s hard to describe, and then if I told you I used to have those hot flashes several times a day, every day, and now they are gone? Completely. Gone. Wouldn’t you rejoice along with me? If I told you that for months I never got to have even one day off from waking up with an extreme headache, could you understand how happy I am to be free from that? And likewise, each symptom was so severe, that it is hard to describe in words. But the level of freedom and relief that I have experienced since the Mia Adora drops liberated me from every single symptom, is even harder to describe in words!! In a way I feel like my youth has been restored! I do have to play around with the dose, if I take the recommended amount, it swings the pendulum too far the other way to where I am pimply and emotional and I *for sure* don’t want to get my period back! Lol So I take 11 drops per day of the rhodiola ones and only 5 drops of the ginseng ones and adjust if I need to. And I haven’t even started taking the Ashwagandha pills, partly because I don’t like taking pills so I am procrastinating it, and partly because I feel like I have the perfect balance going on with the drops and I don’t want it to change! The drops are just SO easy to incorporate into my life and I never miss a day. I will never again be without the Mia Adora drops in my life! Thank you, thank you, thank you Natasha and team!!! You have changed my life!!

Reyna Lopez
Amazing products!!!

Please try these products!!! I’ve been having more energy and feeling much better and relaxed. Will keep using the products!!

Cindy Sada

Love love love how energized I feel!?


This product really works I have lost 2 inches tummy feels less bloated I feel energetic at the gym can't wait to order my 2nd batch!