Your Step-by-Step Guide To Beautifully Flawless Skin

You have the perfect dress, amazing shoes, and a hot date. From the outset, it may seem as though you have everything in order for your upcoming special occasion, but don’t forget to bring the ultimate accessory to the party: radiant skin!

Whether it’s a holiday black tie gala or a very important date, special events require you to put your best face forward. For optimal results, we recommend starting a skin regimen at least 4 weeks before the event. Have more or less time than that? Well, we’ve got skincare tips that’ll help you look your best with any timeline you’re working with! Read on for the ultimate guide for what to do to help you avoid a beauty blunder on your big day!

If Your Event is More than 1 Month Away

If you’ve been planning for this event for a while, why not get your skincare routine started early? To help jump start your glow, we recommend scheduling a series of monthly facials that will rid your skin of blackheads, trapped dirt and any other agents that cause dullness. Make sure you do your research before choosing a facialist and it might even be a good idea to meet him or her prior to your facial.

For an even deeper treatment, you may also want to remove the outermost layer of skin to reveal a fresh, younger dermis. Glycolic peels are typically applied to the face, neck and décolletage and reveal the deeper levels of skin that have not been exposed to the sun or other free radicals. Don’t be alarmed if your skin gets a little red as it rids of the top layers with sun damage, discoloration and fine lines. Be extra cautious when you go outside, however, as this new layer of skin is extremely sensitive to the sun and apply a sunblock of at least SPF 45.

If Your Event is 1 Month Out

If exfoliating isn’t already part of your regular regimen, make sure you start incorporating it at least a month out as results are cumulative. Sure, your complexion needs to glow but make sure you don’t abandon the skin on your body! We are covered head to toe with skin that sheds its dead cells constantly but problems can arise when that process slows down, leaving dead cells to clog pores and create dullness. In addition to helping us to shed dull, dead skin, exfoliating can also prevent acne and ingrown hairs, even out skin tone, and better keep skin hydrated and soft. Health experts agree that exfoliating should be done two to three times a week, and perhaps even less for those who have sensitive skin. You don’t have to scrub too hard, just firmly in circular motions, to slough off the dead cells and reveal fresh, baby soft skin underneath. For facial skin care, you will also want to incorporate a serum and heavy-duty moisturizer to prep your skin and make sure that it is properly hydrated and groomed for makeup application on your important day!

If Your Event is 2-3 Weeks Away

So, you received an invitation in the mail for a party two to three weeks out. At this point in the game, it’s still early enough to treat your skin to the following:

Extraction: Even if you have the best skincare routine in place, blackheads and build-up will always occur. Every so often you will need to remove these stubborn, unwanted friends. Make sure you steam the skin first and use a blackhead removal tool to extract the gunk. One piece of advice: DO NOT SQUEEZE!

Mask: Facial masks will freshen your skin, unclog pores and rehydrate your dermis. Make sure you find a mask that targets your specific skin care needs. Trust me, your face will appreciate extra tender loving care.

If Your Event is 1 Week Out

Scenario: The new guy you just started dating invited you to his company’s holiday extravaganza. You have exactly one week to prep your skin. Where do you start? Seven days does not give you too much time, so it’s important that you don’t do anything too drastic to your skin. This is the very last day that you should do a facial mask to add hydration and unclog your pores. Every night, cleanse your skin thoroughly, use a toner, a serum and a heavy-duty moisturizer to prep your skin and feed it the necessary nutrients to help your makeup apply flawlessly on the big night.

Also, any facial and body waxing should be completed by this time to insure that your skin is fully recovered from any irritation or redness. You will also want to get your eyebrows shaped or waxed now, as you do not want to deal with it the day prior to your big day, especially if your skin is very sensitive.

If Your Event is 3 Days Out

It happens to all of us. Your dude suddenly “remembers” that his family is hosting a holiday dinner. Oh and? The entire family, including aunts, uncles and cousins will be there. At this time, your excitement is building and your nerves are on the rocks. Try to take it easy to avoid blemishes that pop up due to stress. All you can do at this point is apply a heavy-duty serum and moisturizer combination day and night to provide extra hydration and moisture. Make sure you get at least eight hours of sleep and use a rich eye cream to avoid dark circles. Drink a lot of water and put some pep in your step (twenty minute cardio) to get your blood circulating for a natural flush and glow.

If Your Event is Tonight

You know those uninvited “friends” (aka pimples) that tend to show up the night before or, even worse, on the mornings of important events? It’s happened to the best of us. The main thing is to help shrink the pimple and dry it out. If a whitehead appears the night before, you will need to apply a warm compress to it, then a tiny dab of benzoyl peroxide to kill the bacteria. If you wake up with an unwanted friend (or two) on your face, the key is to decrease any redness with some Visine—yes, the eye care solution.

Most importantly, be yourself—and have fun! Gorgeousness comes from within and these milestones don’t happen often so make sure you relish in the moment!


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