Waterproof Black Eyeliner Pen New York Showcases Long Lasting Smudge Proof Liner

Waterproof Black Eyeliner Pen New York Showcases Long Lasting Smudge Proof Liner

Mia Adora, a retailer of quality beauty and eye makeup products, has released their Liquid Gel Eyeliner named Call Me Unshakeable. This product is popular due to its straightforward application, sensitive eye formulation and for being cruelty-free. Buyers of this liquid gel eyeliner pen also comment that it doesn't smudge and it can be used to create a mix of both dramatic and softer looks.

Recently released, the Unshakeable eyeliner is waterproof so it withstands most chick flicks. Plus, the product is easily applied, regardless of the level of makeup application experience. In fact, many users say that they wouldn't use another eye liner after using this product. Since its release on Amazon.com, Unshakeable eyeliner has a 4.5 star customer review rating.

Smudge-proof and gentle on eyes - even the most sensitive - the Unshakeable Liquid Gel Eyeliner creates stunning cat’s eyes or wing tips in no time at all. It's also ideal for day or night wear and contact lens use.

The Mia Adora store offers customers an easy 30 day return policy. Plus, they don't charge for delivery to U.S with fast shipping to customers living in New York. Shipping overseas is charged with a very affordable delivery fee.

When asked about the Unshakeable Eyeliner Pen one Mia Adora customer said, “I really like this eyeliner. It goes on smoothly. The tip is like a paintbrush which makes it easy to draw thin or thick lines. I purchased blackest black and it is a very dark black which I like. I have very sensitive eyes, and allergies, so need something waterproof and smudge proof. Have had it on for about 6 hours now and so far no itching. It has been great.”

To find out more about the Mia Adora and their eye makeup products, call 1 884 306 5700 or visit the company website.

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