Two Different Approachs for Valentines Day Makeup

Two Different Approachs for Valentines Day Makeup

Valentines Day is just around the corner, which means date night makeup , single and ready to mingle makeup, or girls night makeup. Here are two looks, natural & dramatic, that stays away from that overdone girly look and can be used for both a date night or a girls night.

Keep it natural with this date night look. A soft eye and lip can sometimes be the most attractive type of makeup on a woman. The goal is to enhance what you already have by adding a little sparkle to the eye, a flawless complexion, and a touch of pucker to the lips.

Skincare. Get a facial, put some cucumbers on your eyes and really detoxify your skin, happy skin is beautiful skin.

Golds. The key to a good natural look is to keep it warm, so use gold liners in the water line, bronze colors on the lower lash line, and brown shadows as accent colors.

Half lashes. The best way to look natural but alluring at the same time is to use half lashes. They enhance your eye makeup by opening the eyes and achieving a more flirty look.

Soft lips. Nothing looks better with a gold flirty look than a natural kiss me lips. Use a lip scrub to smooth out the lips, pat on a matte pink lipstick and a clear gloss in the center. I usually use a brown sugar and honey scrub a few times a week to help lip colors apply on more smoothly.

A great look for a fun girls night or a more darker environment. This look is obviously more on the dramatic side, but since it's very one dimensional in color, it won't look too much or overdone.

Check out the products I used:

Matte Face. As oppose to the previous look, you want to stay away from any shimmer or highlighter on the face. Mix your regular foundation with a matte one that is a shade lighter.

Pick a color. Plum, burgundy, brown, or any sultry dark color will work, but just choose one. You want that color to pop on the eyes and lips, drawing the focus to both.

Full Lashes. Use multiple pairs of full lashes and get that va va voom look. Avoid using too many eye shadow colors and just stick to a dark lash line and voluminous lashes. This will help you look dramatic and sexy, but approachable. Your date & your girls will love it.


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