Super Easy DIY Caffeine Eye Serum

Are you crazy-busy? I mean running around like a chicken-with-its-head-cut-off busy? I know I am! The thing is, I don’t want to look crazy busy. Or tired for that matter. Whenever someone tells me I look tired I think of that 90s movie Stepmom where Julia Roberts says, “You look tired,” and Susan Sarandon replies, “I hate when people say that. It’s like a polite way of telling you that you look like sh*t.” Right? Unfortunately, there’s not much I can do about being busy (or tired), but DIY beauty products like this homemade eye serum, can help me hide the evidence, so to speak.

I used to buy all my beauty products at the store. I would hear about some “miracle” product and lay down more money than I’d care to admit to give it a try. Most of them didn’t work. Most of them got used once and then vanished into the black hole of my bathroom cabinets. Then I discovered some amazingly effective and easy DIY beauty recipes. I haven’t looked back, and neither will you once you try this homemade eye serum.

This homemade eye serum has a lot of pros. For one, it’s a lot less expensive to make than just about any similar product you can buy at the store. Furthermore, this homemade eye serum is chemical free. I don’t know about you, but I’m not crazy about using unpronounceable chemicals around my eyes! Lastly, this homemade eye serum is effective!

The coffee in this homemade eye serum provides caffeine which has numerous health benefits for your skin including its ability to fight free radicals which can cause your skin to age prematurely. In other words, caffeine can help ward off wrinkles and the loss of elasticity. In addition, the caffeine in this homemade eye serum has anti-inflammatory properties which can reduce the appearance of puffiness and redness around your eyes.

Another ingredient in this homemade eye serum that is skin’s BFF is avocado. There are good reasons you’ll find avocado in many homemade beauty face masks. For one, the natural oils in avocados are awesome for moisturizing skin. Plus, avocados are rich in antioxidants and amino acids that combat the signs of aging such as wrinkles.

Filled with inexpensive, chemical-free ingredients that are good for your skin? Check! So why wouldn’t you try this homemade eye serum. No, seriously, why not?

- 1/2 Cup ground coffee
- 1 Tablespoon avocado oil
- 1/2 Cup sweet almond oil
- Cheesecloth
- Empty 2 oz eye dropper bottle
- 16 oz Mason jar
- Measuring cups/spoons

1. Scoop ground coffee into Mason jar.

2. Pour sweet almond oil over coffee and let it sit for 24 hours.

3. Place a piece of cheesecloth over the top of the Mason jar and turn the jar upside down over a bowl, holding the cheesecloth in place, to separate the coffee infused sweet almond oil from the coffee grounds.
- Tip: To ensure you get all of the oil out of the grounds, dump the coffee grounds onto the cheesecloth, twist the ends of the cheesecloth together (basically sealing the grounds inside), and squeeze the bundle over the bowl.

4. Use an eye dropper to place one tablespoon of coffee oil into your small bottle.

5. Use an eye dropper to place one tablespoon of avocado oil into the small bottle with the coffee/almond oil.

6. Shake.

To use:

Place a small amount of homemade eye serum on your finger and gently rub under your eyes.

Side note: This homemade eye serum is just for the skin around your eyes, but if you’re looking for something to fight the signs of wrinkles across your entire face, be sure to try this grapefruit anti-wrinkle cream.

Image: Pixabay

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