Overnight Beauty Tips To Wake Up Fresh

Apply homemade lip mask

Say goodbye to chapped lips! Keep your lips soft & smooth with this 3-times a week treatment:

Homemade Honey Lip Scrub:

Honey is an excellent humectant. Mix a bit of honey with sugar and gently exfoliate your lips. You can add a bit of almond oil too, to slough off dead skin. Most fun thing of all… you can eat the scrub!

Lighten dark circles

Dark circles are a nightmare! Some of the most common reasons why they appear are stress, allergies and excessive sun... Remind yourself to give some rest to your eyes at least 3 times a week, and use natural under-eye masks to keep them fresh.

That’s why we want to suggest this amazing and natural solution:

Cucumber and aloe vera

Cucumber helps in getting rid of dark circles. It’s one of the best beauty remedies for the skin along with aloe vera. These two ingredients help hydrating your skin, lightening dark circles and giving a very refreshing effect.

Chop some slices of cucumber and add one tablespoon of aloe vera gel. Mix and place under the eyes. Let it rest for 30 minutes,wash with cold water and voila!

Smooth Hands and Feet

We’ve always wanted to wake up with softer and smoother hands and feet, am I right?

You can have this now by applying this homemade scrub twice a week.

Olive oil and sugar scrub:

Prepare a bowl with about 3 teaspoons of olive oil and add 2 teaspoons of sugar. With one finger, mix the sugar into the olive oil until you achieve a gritty mixture. Then, take a bit and rub your palms together, spreading the oil and sugar mixture to cover your hands and feet. Any type of olive oil works fine for this remedy.

Rub your hands and feet for several minutes, leave it on for 15 minutes and then gently rinse with water or take a quick shower.

Also, don’t forget to drink plenty of water… 2 glasses of water before bed will hydrate not only your lips and face but you whole body.


Natashia- Certified Transformation and Nutrition Coach BN, worked as an RN in internal medicine for several years before becoming a full time stay home mom of four. In 2019, she lost her young husband to cancer. Now, penetrating the beauty industry, Natashia and her brand Mia Adora™ are on a mission to help make women’s beauty and wellness game easier. Read more
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