My Intermittent Fasting Times

My Intermittent Fasting Times

Intermittent fasting has become a very popular way to help lose weight. On top of that, it’s also backed by research to help slow the aging process. 

I’m a 36 year old mother of 4 amazing children and intermittent fasting has worked really great for me. Many of you have asked what fasting method I prefer. So here it is!

I personally prefer the 16:8 or 14:10 method. That means you have a 16 or 14 hour fasting period and an 8 or 10 hour eating window. 

An example of my daily routine is as follows:

  • 7 am: I start off with a glass of water and my morning coffee. I take it black with adaptogens and herbs to avoid breaking the fast. 

  • 11 am: I take my first meal. I make sure to make it healthy. For example, I take a bowl of oats (carbs), with plant protein powder (protein), almond milk (dairy-free), and a handful of berries (anti-oxidants). 

  • When I’m hungry I eat my second meal. For example: grilled chicken (protein), brown rice (carb) and green salad (veggies). 

  • Around 7:30 pm it’s time for my third meal! A good example would be salmon (protein/fat), brown rice (carb) and asparagus (veggies). 

  • As a snack you can have a chocolate keto or protein bar and a piece of fruit. 

  • It’s a good idea to complement your intermittent fasting with supplements, such as apple cider vinegar, Ashwagandha, Immunity boosters, etc. 

  • It’s also very important to work out, whether at home or at the gym. 

You can visit my website to find different types of adaptogen and supplement products that can help you reach your goals! 


Natashia- Certified Transformation and Nutrition Coach BN, worked as an RN in internal medicine for several years before becoming a full time stay home mom of four. In 2019, she lost her young husband to cancer. Now, penetrating the beauty industry, Natashia and her brand Mia Adora™ are on a mission to help make women’s beauty and wellness game easier. Read more

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