Liquid Eyeliner or Pencil Eyeliner? How to Choose the Right One?

Liquid Eyeliner or Pencil Eyeliner? How to Choose the Right One?

When we talk about eyeliners, we always look for the easiest to-apply option, right? Ok so, keeping this in mind, most people would tell you that pencil eyeliners are the best option here, and yes, they're right. A retractable eyeliner pencil is the best option for beginners because it allows you better control over the lines you draw, and you can also apply them in the waterline. A good example of retractable eyeliner pencils would be Immovable by Mia Adora. BUT there are different types of liquid eyeliners, some easiest to apply than others, and that's what I want to talk about today.

When we think about liquid eyeliners, we normally think of brushes or gel pots, the ones that look like nail polish... Forget about them if you're a beginner lol they are too complicated to apply, and the result is not as great as you could expect.

I highly recommend felt tips pencils instead, just like the Overcomer Liquid Eyeliner by Mia Adora. Why would I recommend this type of eyeliner? Because they are the easiest to apply thanks to their smooth felt tip which allows you high precision control over every stroke.

Unfortunately, they are not good to be worn on the waterline. Regular pencils are still better on this. So in summary, if you're just starting and want the easiest to apply eyeliner, go for an Eyeliner Pencil, and if you already have experience with them, go for a Felt Tip Liquid Eyeliner. You will get more sharpened wings with it. Without mentioning that the Overcomer Eyeliner is oil-free which means you can safely wear it with lash extensions without breaking the glue and making them fall apart.

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