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Liquid Eyeliner for America’s Got Talent in Los Angeles

The latest America’s Got Talent season has kicked off on May 29, 2018. As viewers await the live shows to be held on Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles, fans can tune in to the contestant’s look while wearing Mia Adora’s Call Me Unshakeable - Black Gel Eyeliner Pen.

With the Call Me Unshakeable - Black Gel Eyeliner Pen, contestants can always look camera-ready with the blackest eyeliner on the market today. It is highly pigmented, which further intensifies the color of the eyeliner.

This liquid eyeliner also applies smoothly, which ensures easy application of winged eye lines. This gel eyeliner pen also flows continuously to ensure that the lines made are even and smooth. It results in the easy use of this product, which makes it a great addition to anyone’s makeup routine.

With Mia Adora’s Call Me Unshakeable - Black Gel Eyeliner Pen, there is no need to use a sharpener since it is in a liquid form. Moreover, this dries quickly, which prevents makeup smudge that may cause raccoon eyes. Due to the high precision tip for thick and thin lines of the Unshakeable, application of the eyeliner becomes more accurate.

Since this liquid eyeliner is also waterproof, it can stand up to sweat and tears. On top of that, one’s makeup can last for almost half a day. It is also ideal for those with sensitive skin as it does not cause irritation.

Lifestyled by Kris, a lifestyle blogger, has reviewed the Unshakeable eyeliner and says, “I must say I’m realllly liking it & boy is it right on time. I needed another eyeliner lol. It’s highly pigmented, applies smoothly. I’d have to say it lives up to its name. It’s unshakeable & it has me shook! Lol.”

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