Lash Extensions or Fiber Mascara? Is There Any Difference?

Lash Extensions or Fiber Mascara? Is There Any Difference?

This is a very interesting question. I would say there's not a simple answer or a RIGHT answer. I think it depends on what you're looking for, because they are completely different in application, lasting, and looking.

Let's first talk about lash extensions. This is a process where synthetic lashes are applied strand by strand to your natural lashes using semi-permanent glue that should not irritate your eyes. As you can imagine, this is a very tedious process.

Now, fiber mascaras. This type of mascara applies synthetic nylon or silk fibers to your natural lashes by using the regular mascara gel as glue. The process is similar to applying regular mascara just adding an extra step (the fibers).

Now that we understood the concept of both products, we can say they are completely different. Lash extensions are meant to last way longer, and, with the right maintenance, they can last for years (of course it depends on the quality of the glue and the technique used). On the other hand, fiber mascaras are meant to be washed off as any regular mascara at the end of the day/night.

Which one offers the better results? As I mentioned previously, it depends on what you're looking for and your likes. I personally prefer the more dramatic effect that fiber mascaras offer. If you only want your lashes to look longer and natural (like you're not wearing mascara at all) then go ahead and get some extensions.

Please note that when you use lash extensions, you must be more careful when you apply eyeliner. Make sure your eyeliner is oil-free so it won't break the glue and your extensions will last longer (maintenance is a con for extensions, in my opinion). An example of extensions-friendly eyeliner would be the Overcomer Felt Tip Liquid Eyeliner Pencil by Mia Adora.

Learn more about fiber mascaras with this 400X Pure Silk Fiber Mascara by Mia Adora

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