How to Improve Constipation & Gut Health Quickly (Short-term Solutions)

How to Improve Constipation & Gut Health Quickly (Short-term Solutions)

It's crazy the number of people asking me on TikTok to talk about constipation and gut health. I know how hard and uncomfortable can be not to be able to clean your body by expelling all the toxins 💩


These tips will help you get your bowels moving quickly but won't work long-term. I talk about some long-term solutions here!


So first of all, let's talk about what are the most common causes of constipation:


- Lack of hydration: no matter how much fiber and or probiotics you're taking daily, if you are not drinking enough liquid (water), that's just bulking up the stool and it's not going to be able to flush out easily and that's what's causing it to be uncomfortable and painful. Drink more water!


- Lack of fiber: there are different types of fibers and not all of them are equally effective for you. Here's a list of rich fibers you can start including in your regular diet.


- Medications: if you're on narcotics, and/or pain medications, that could also be causing constipation.


- Hormonal imbalance: something like perimenopause, low strong or progesterone levels can slow bowels down


Ok, so now that we know what could be the causes of constipation, let's talk about 3 things that you can do to fix it quickly. Again, these are short-term solutions. You can put them into practice for short periods of time. Read about long-term solutions here.


1 Use laxatives: my favorite laxative supplement is Lax A Day. It works amazing if you're super constipated.


2 Senokot: this is another great supplement to improve your bowel movement.


3 Magnesium: this is a gentle laxative that I even give my kids. My favorite for them is Calm Kids.


Disclaimer: if your constipation is really bad and laxatives aren't working, you need to go checked out by your doctor


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