How to Apply Fiber Mascara Like a Pro

How to Apply Fiber Mascara Like a Pro

I know how difficult applying mascara can be, especially when we talk about fiber mascara. But don’t worry, you’re not the only one struggling with this.

I’m writing down my best tips on how to apply mascara like a pro:

1. Make sure your lashes and eyes are completely clean: this may sound a bit silly but you’d be surprised by how many people apply mascara without cleaning their lashes first. BIG MISTAKE. This can cause clumping.

2. Curl your lashes first: to get better results, you will need to use a lash curler. Here’s how you should use it: look straight and hold the curler at the base of your lashes but make sure not to put it too close. Now, look down and gently press the lashes. Do it thrice as you move up towards the tip of your eyelashes.

If you don’t have or simply don’t want to use a lash curler, you can use your finger instead. Just place your finger at the base of your lashes, look down, and hold them for 6 seconds.

3. Start from the middle: first, make sure you wipe off the excess gel on the wand before applying it, once you’ve double-checked that, place the applicator at the base of your lashes. Move it upwards to coat your eyelashes from the base to the tip. You can also wiggle the wand to ensure it coats the lash uniformly (just be careful not to touch your skin while doing this).

4. Move to the corner: this is the most complicated part (don’t worry, I’ll make it easy for you). You just gotta use the tip of the wand to cover the corner of your eyelashes. Don’t forget to cover them from the base to the tip. This way, you will prevent smudging or transferring mascara.

5. Use a clean spoolie brush to prevent clumping: this step will help you remove any clumps. Just use the spoolie brush to comb your lashes before the mascara dries completely.

6. Apply a second coat: this is the last step to get those gorgeous lashes you’ve been looking for. Just follow the previous 5 steps and you’re done!

This technique works perfectly to make your lashes look longer and fuller, but most importantly, giving them a natural look.

Ready to rock your new celebrity lashes? Send me some pictures of the final result at [email protected] and let me know how these tips worked for you.


Natashia - Certified Transformation and Nutrition Coach, BN, worked as an RN in internal medicine for several years before becoming a full time stay home mom of four. In 2019, she lost her young husband to cancer. Now, penetrating the beauty industry, Natashia and her brand Mia Adora™ are on a mission to help make women’s beauty and wellness game easier. Read more

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