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Call Me Unshakeable Eyeliner Gel Pen Lists Its Top Three Benefits

Mia Adora, an Ontario-based cosmetics company, has formulated an exceptional eyeliner pen. With the Call Me Unshakeable Black Eyeliner Gel Pen, users can have the blackest of the black eyeliner that can highlight their eye makeup. The manufacturer of this product has named the top three benefits of the Call Me Unshakeable Black Eyeliner Gel Pen.

First, the Call Me Unshakeable Black Eyeliner Gel Pen is an easy to glide black eyeliner, which allows for an accurate application. It also comes with a high precision tip that allows proper application of both thin and thick lines. This makes it easy to apply to ensure convenience for the user since it is easy to control. On top of that, this eyeliner gel pen requires no sharpening since it is in liquid form.

Another benefit of Mia Adora’s Call Me Unshakeable Black Eyeliner Gel Pen is that it is resistant to water, but it remains easy to clean. This eyeliner gel pen is resistant to sweat and tears. It can stand up to intense workout sessions and tear-jerking chick flicks. No matter what your day brings by, this amazing eyeliner won't let you down!

It does not smudge when applied, which makes it ideal for those that are always on the go. It can last for 12 hours on the eyes and it remains as black as when the user first applies it. However, the resulting makeup can be removed by a regular makeup remover or plain water.

Finally, this eyeliner is free from cruelty and paraben. It is also safe to use even for those with sensitive skin and it fits any skin type. This is ideal for those that are very particular about the products that they purchase since it is free of chemicals and it was never tested on animals.

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