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Black Liquid Waterproof Eyeliner After Best Avengers Infinity War Weekend

Be Red Carpet Ready for Avengers: Infinity War with Mia Adora’s Call Me Unshakeable Eyeliner

Avengers: Infinity War is now showing and the premiere night, which was held at the Dolby Theatre, showcased different red carpet looks. The cat-eye look trend is still very much alive among female celebrities and their makeup artists.

Makeup aficionados need not look far for an eyeliner that can help them achieve different eyeliner styles. The Call Me Unshakeable Eyeliner of Mia Adora is ideal for those who wish to still look fabulous while watching Avengers: Infinity War even without a red carpet invite. Mia Adora's Call Me Unshakeable Eyeliner is available online at as well the company website.

The Unshakeable eyeliner is designed in a manner that allows the user to control the movements easily, which leads to ease in application. It is also formulated to ensure accuracy in application due to the high precision tip for thin or thick lines.

In terms of results, the deeply saturated pigments allow for the eyeliner’s color to look deeper and it allows it to last longer. This eyeliner can also withstand sweat and tears, which means that viewers will have no worries about crying when their favorite Avenger passes away.

It does not smear or smudge during a workout or when watching a drama. Users can even do a retouch while watching Avengers since they do not need to sharpen the Call Me Unshakeable - Black Gel Eyeliner Pen. Since it is not a liquid eyeliner, users never need to worry about the eyeliner drying out.

When asked about the Call Me Unshakeable Eyeliner one Mia Adora customer said, “This eyeliner glides on so easily. Blackest Black is just the color... loving it. I don't have to dip into a bottle like other liquid eyeliners anymore. It great that it's in pen form and the tip makes for a better line. I'm very pleased with this gel liquid eyeliner pen.”

As a reference, our readers can find out more about the Call Me Unshakeable Eyeliner on the Mia Adora website.

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