Best Long Lasting Liquid Eyeliner for Big Brother Celebrity Cast

Best Long Lasting Liquid Eyeliner for Big Brother Celebrity Cast

Another season of Celebrity Big Brother is set to premiere and viewers would want to know how the cast has achieved the glamorous even with cameras being present 24/7. The Mia Adora Call Me Unshakeable Gel Eyeliner Pen stays on for almost twelve hours, which is why it is ideal for the cast of Celebrity Big Brother.

To find out more about the Mia Adora Call Me Unshakeable Gel Eyeliner Pen, interested buyers can visit the official website of Mia Adora via this link.

The Unshakeable eyeliner is designed with a high precision tip for thick and thin lines, which is easy to control. This helps in a highly accurate application of the eyeliner, which allows little room for mistakes. Moreover, it is designed to produce a continuous flow to ensure that the lines created will be even.

Since the Unshakeable eyeliner dries quickly, it is easy to apply and it does not smudge or smear. On top of that, it ensures that the liquid eyeliner is resistant to water. This will help in preventing raccoon eyes as this can stand up to the drama that is always present in every edition of the Celebrity Big Brother.

“I love the way liquid eyeliner looks but hate the mess, the smudging, the crumbling. This stuff is awesome! I love how smoothly the pen like tip glides and the fact you don’t have to keep dipping it into a tube to get more. I tried this eyeliner on a warm day and was sure I’d rub or sweat it off as soon as I stepped outside. NOPE! Even as my expensive mascara started smudging the eyeliner held up! I love that it’s waterproof but if you make a mistake while applying it is so easy to wipe off with a q-tip. This is my new go to makeup!”

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