Best 3D Fiber Lash Mascara in Texas for International Hangover Day

Best 3D Fiber Lash Mascara in Texas for International Hangover Day

After International Beer Day, the world celebrates International Hangover Day on August 4. Waking up with a bad hangover is not always glamorous, which is why it is important to have a makeup that can last until the next morning.

The Mia Adora 3d fiber lash mascara is a long-lasting mascara that can help one achieve longer and thicker eyelashes in just three steps. The real selling point is the fact that it stays on for at least twelve hours, which makes it a worthy alternative to false eyelashes.

There are two mascara tubes that help in adding volume and lengthening the eyelashes. The first tube is the magnifying gel, which is responsible for the water-resistant formulation of this mascara. Moreover, it keeps the fiber lashes intact without falling off.

On the other hand, the 3d fiber micro lash tube helps in adding volume and length to the eyelashes. The green tea fibers on this mascara make the lashes look thicker and it helps in the healthy growth of the eyelashes. For beginners, the Mia Adora 3d fiber lash mascara also comes with an eyelash comb that is able to remove and correct the clumps formed during application.

In order to achieve lashes that are three times thicker, the user must apply the magnifying gel first and the 3d fiber micro lashes next. After a coating of the 3d fiber micro lash, one must apply another coat of the magnifying gel to prevent the green tea fibers from flaking and falling off. Mia Adora will also send a free eyelash e-book straight to the buyer’s e-mail as a reference for the correct application of this 3d fiber lash mascara.

Interested buyers can give Mia Adora a call via the toll-free hotline 1-844-306-5700 or one can send an email at [email protected].

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