After School's UEE shares her skincare secrets and what age is the most attractive to her in 'Elle'

After School's UEE is your 'girl crush' in her solo pictorial with 'Elle' magazine! 'Girl crush' is actually the concept she's going for in her new beauty photoshoot, and she's wearing makeup from MAC.

She's also sporting a bright red lip color, which is said to be very in trend this season. She looks gorgeous in whatever makeup look or outfit she's wearing.

UEE is also sporting some flawless skin during this shoot (and always), and she revealed her skincare secrets.

She said the most important thing to having good skin is healthy eating. For breakfast, she tends to eat fruit and she controls her servings. UEE shared that she puts in the effort to take care of her eating habits in little ways like that. She also stressed the importance of staying away from coffee and drinking a lot of water.

When asked what her goals for the next year were, she shared, ""I want to discover another side of me than the year before."" She also revealed what age bracket she thinks is the most attractive age, which was the age from 30 to 35. She says she can't wait till she turns 30.


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