22 Sep

3 Supplements I Give My Kids

Many of us have developed the habit of taking supplements lately. Strengthening our immune system has become especially important in the last few years. But many of us don’t know which supplements we can give our kids to keep them in the best health possible. 

I’m going to share with you the 3 supplements I give my four kids pretty much every single day, especially because they’re picky eaters. 

This helps with their mood, their energy, their focus and their immune system. 
The first one is magnesium, the second omega 3 fatty acid and the third one is vitamin D. Here are some benefits of each one of them: 

Magnesium (powder):

        Bowel movement

        Omega 3 fatty acids (flavored liquid):

            Brain health

            Vitamin D (drops):

                Immune system

                I take all these daily as well as my adaptogens to support my hormone health.

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