3 Simple Ways to Boost Immune System
25 Oct

3 Simple Ways to Boost Immune System

Supporting my late hubby throughout his cancer treatments and now taking care of my 4 little kids during this new chapter of our lives has really helped me narrow in on the simple yet effective ways to boost my family's immune system.

Backed by research and simply life experience here are my current three things I focus on:

1. Stress management

Stress affecting weight gain, immune system and mental wellness is something that's always preached to us but I didn't realize the impact it actually made until watching my husband's health decline much more rapidly with increased stress in his life.

Fast forward to after his passing, I quickly notice my own health deteriorating rapidly from being under so much stress. This is when I completely transformed my own life style and made my own happiness and self-love a priority for the sake of my kids having a healthy happy mom.

Now my immune system has been healthier and stronger than ever by removing the major stressors in my life, surrounding myself with more positive people, including more daily laughter, getting adequate sleep, and making my daily "self-love," like gratitude journaling, all a priority.

According to Harvard Health Publishing: "Modern medicine has come to appreciate the closely linked relationship of mind and body."

2. Immune boosting supplements

Including anti-viral, anti-bacterial, and other immune supporting supplements into my daily routine has also been key.

Just to name a few:

- Elderberry

- Tumeric

- Garlic

- Vitamin C

- Zinc

- Probiotics

- Echinacea

- Ashwaghanda

- Astragalus

- Ginseng

- Rhodiola

- Oil of oregano

- Vitamin D

For my kids: Elderberry, Vitamin D, Echinacea

3. Exercise

Super effective for not only weight management but there's so much research that backs up the immune system benefits of incorporating some sort of regular physical activity into your weekly routine.

I always tell busy ladies, keep it fun and simple so you actually enjoy it and will stick with it.

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