IMPORTANT: Always talk to a doctor before taking any new natural supplement. 

Question: What collagen do you recommend? 

Answer: I recommend the one by Bone Marrow. It has worked for me. You can find them on Amazon or their website. 

Question: What's the best time to do intermittent fasting?

Answer: I recommend 16hrs/8hrs so it means you can have your meals (try to make them healthier) in an 8 hours window and then stop eating for 16 hours. 12 pm to 8 pm would be ok but try the best times for you.

Question: Does coffee break your fasting?

Answer: Black coffee won't break your fasting by itself, but don't add sugar or cream. You can try Stevia or MCT Oil (AKA Coconut Oil) instead.

Question: Do you recommend any MCT Oil?

Answer: I use the one by Bullet Proof and it's amazing.

Question: What protein do you recommend?

Answer: KOS is my fav plant-based protein brand ever. They have many tasty flavors. I don't like whey protein just plant-based 💪 Vega also has very good proteins but fewer flavors.

Question: Any suggestions for menopause? 

Answer: It's all about hormones. You can try adaptogens to balance them. Here are my favourite fat burner and energy drops. Many women say these drops helped them with menopause. 

Question: How many days do you workout per week? 

Answer: I work out 3 days a week but you can do more or less depending on what works for you.

Question: Does MCT Oil increase your cholesterol levels? 

Answer: I made a video talking about this: here's the link 

Question: Do regular diets work? 

Answer: Yes, they do but not for everyone. I wasn't able to lose weight with keto or regular diets. Intermittent fasting was the only way to lose weight for me. 

Question: Do you recommend anything for mental focus and memory?

Answer: Oh yes, you can try this: 1tbs MCT Oil (AKA Coconut Oil), Lion's mane, and optional fat burner drop with adaptogens 🤗❤️ first two ingredients can be found at any store. 

Question: What are the best foods for weight loss?

Answer: It's a little bit long list to type here but you can watch my video about it: 

Question: Best ingredients to help weight loss and Hormones?

Answer: MCT Oil (AKA Coconut Oil) and Maca 🔥 I take both every single morning with my black coffee 💪

Question: Where can I get the maca?

Answer: You can get maca in powder form at any store or Amazon, but most people don't like the taste of maca. I take it in drops form so I can add it to my black coffee, tea, or just water.

Question: Anything for stress and anxiety?

Answer: YES!! Ashwagandha ✨It’s  a powerful adaptogen that helps reduce anxiety levels and stress 🔥 you can take 2 caps per day.

Question: How to have energy in the morning without coffee? 

Answer: Easy!! 🥰 you can add adaptogens to your water or tea in the morning just like MCT Oil, Lion Mane, or Fat Burner Drops. Don't need coffee to get energy anymore.

Question: How to avoid bloating? 

Answer: I used to struggle with bloating in the past because of Whey protein. That's why I decided to switch from whey to plant-based protein and bloating stopped.

Questions: What's your secret to losing weight? 

Answer: Intermittent Fasting, I workout 3 days a week, I eat healthily, I take adaptogens every single morning, and of course an I keep a positive mindset.

Question: How to keep skin clear and free from acne? 

Answer: Here's a video where I explain this with more details 

Question: What's the difference between both drops? 

Answer: Hey hun, thank you so much for your question. They are pretty similar and they both work amazing. The main difference is that one has Maca (Fat Burner Drops with adaptogens) and the other one has Ginseng (Fat Burner Energy Drops). 

I personally take both, one in the morning and the other one in the afternoon, but you can take just one of them. I've heard from many women that Energy Drops helped them with Menopause symptoms. 

Try any of them or both and let me know how they work for you.

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