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De-stress & Energy Bundle Subscription

🍵Known as “Liquid Gold” our unique blend also promotes hair growth, collagen production, and other anti-aging benefits.

Stress wreaks havoc on your hormones and AGES your hair, skin, nails, and insides really fast!

🧬Adaptogens, well researched, been around for thousands of years, are the Queen Bee of natural anti-aging tools to help the body "adapt to stress" on a "Hormonal" HPA level.

The closest thing you'll get to a "magic pill" in my opinion (as long as you're taking high quality potent ones)...

🌱Ashwagandha - slows depletion of collagen, prevents hair loss, promotes hair growth, & beauty sleep because...most known for lowering stress cortisol (stress belly fat), & anxiety

🌱Rhodiola - Anti-aging herb lowers stress and inflammation in the skin, dryness, & is an energizing mood booster.

🌱Maca - helps dry skin, weight gain, mood, energy, and hair loss (especially in menopause women)

🌱Ginseng - promotes hair growth, prevents hair loss, metabolism & energy booster

🌱Astragalus- "Fountain of youth herb" Known to stimulate hair follicle growth, boost collagen, and boost cancer-fighting immune system.

$47 Early Bird Subscription

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