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GET STARTED BUNDLE: Get Snatched Program + BONUS Waist Trainer Super Bundle

GET STARTED BUNDLE: Get Snatched Program + BONUS Waist Trainer Super Bundle

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Is your belly area still bulging out?

Is your abdominal area feeling like a loose deflated balloon?

Have you had any abdominal surgeries or trying to avoid a mommy makeover?

Having extra abdominal support AND doing very specific abdominal exercises are key to helping you snatch that waistline. 

I've helped tons of women like you strengthen & tighten their waistlines. 

Learn from my mistakes.

My proven waist training bundle includes:

3-Point Adjustable Waist Trainer: Sturdy enough to provide firm extra support even during workouts but flexible enough to wear even around the house (can be worn post-partum or post-surgically once approved by your health care provider).
➡️ Doesn't squeeze ribcage
➡️ Easy to breathe in
➡️ Adjustable velcro allows you to easily adjust the size 
➡️ Back boning allows extra back support

(When ordering, size up if you don't want it to feel too tight)

Video/Audio App Training Program: Let me walk you through how to waist train properly and do stomach vacuuming exercises more effectively. Includes multiple core tightening videos. My girls have seen amazing results implementing my core tightening and strengthening exercises right from the comfort of their homes.

BONUS: 104 - Fat-burning hormone-friendly recipe ideas

BONUS: More intermittent fasting and weight loss tips for busy women on the go

BONUS: Calming Feminine Meditations for daytime & bedtime to help soothe your emotions and relax your stress hormones like cortisol. Holding onto stress causes your body to hold onto belly fat, suppresses your immune system, and causes emotional eating. 

BONUS: 4 Powerful Ways to Journal While Creating Your New Body and Reality GUIDE

Waist Trainer Return Policy: we are giving you a full refund if the return is asked within 14 days from the purchase day. Please, do NOT take the tags off and keep the original shipping box. If the tags are off the waist trainer and you do not have the original shipping package we are not going to be able to continue with the return/refund process.


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Customer Reviews

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Tamara Williams
The best out there

I was so surprised by how sturdy the material is. I have a long torso so alot of the other waist trainers are too short but with this one I do not have that problem at all! I love this product

Jody Vickers

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. I’m thrilled to share the amazing results i have achieved while using the Mia Adora waste trainer. I have only been wearing the trainer for 6 weeks for a few hours a day & WOW! The results speak for themselves! I started with a medium and after just 6 weeks i’m already ready to size down to a small. It’s also comfortable and supportive enough to wear to the gym.
I am also a month in, to taking the Mia Adora “Feel Great System” and love how i am feeling. I have energy and almost no cravings for sweets anymore. I’m excited to see how many more benefits i experience over the coming months with this system.
This girl is losing weight & feeling FAB!

Pretty Good Product

At the beginning I thought I was overpaying for this product but after trying the waist trainer I realized it's a premium one and it also came with some amazing recipe ebooks and an app with tons of videos to help lose weight and eat better so it's a pretty decent price for all that you get... I would like some more color options but it's ok black always looks great lol

In love with this waist trainer

I found this waist trainer on TikTok and I decided to give it a try and omg... I'm thankful I did, it makes my waist look perfectly shaped and the materials seem to be very durable it also comes with some recipes that I personally haven't tried yet but they look so easy to prepare I will give them a try this weekend. I downloaded the app and started watching some of the videos and wow this woman is definitely the best person I've ever met!!!! Her advices actually work. I'm trying to get my dreamed body this year and now I know I will get it thanks to this amazing bundle. Thank you so much for being such an amazing soul ❤️