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Body & Mind Playshop VIP Plan

Body & Mind Playshop VIP Plan

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Embark on a journey of profound transformation with the New Body & Mind Playshop. This isn't just another weight loss program; it's a comprehensive guide to radically heal and upgrade your body, mind, and your magnetic feminine energy. This is the last body transformation program you'll ever need, crafted to bring about radical shifts in every aspect of your life. This VIP plan includes everything listed below PLUS one-on-one consultations with Dr. Erica Steele, Functional Med Dr. to go through your blood work and anything you need help with


  • Make Time for Healing: Just 10 minutes a day can lead to transformative changes.
  • Brainwash with Positivity: Immerse yourself in high-energy content to accelerate your transformation.

Module 1: Declutter, Heal, & Let Go

  • Manifest More: Learn to let go to create room for abundance.
  • 5-Step Letting Go Process: Clear out stagnant energy and emotional baggage.
  • Transmute Fear into Power: Embrace a judge-free journey towards a new reality.

Module 2: New Clarity & Embodying HER

  • Activate Your Dream Girl: Move from confusion to clarity and power.
  • Queen Consciousness: Shift into a higher state of self-love and worthiness.
  • Manifestation Techniques: Learn my personal methods for visualization and identity shifting.

Module 3: New Body Game Plan

  • Healthy at Any Age: Debunk myths and embrace a love for your body.
  • Hormones & Gut Health: Understand and love your body’s inner workings.
  • Waist Training & Vacuuming Practices: Shape your body and become a fat-burning machine.

Module 4: Proven Systems for Success

  • Align with HER: Discover systems that support your best self.
  • Intermittent Fasting Mastery: Tailor it to your body type and lifestyle.
  • Automate for Ease: Simplify your home and meals, heal your relationship with food.

Module 5: Mind & Energy Shifting

  • Embrace Pleasure: Learn to live in ease and attract more love and fun.
  • Release Stress: Shift from addictions to connections and magnify your magnetic energy.

Module 6: Expanding Without Self-Sabotage

  • Break Limits: Expand your upper limit and overcome emotional eating.
  • Instant Motivation: Transform struggle into ease and flow.

Module 7: Blood Work, Detoxes & Going Deeper

  • Deeper Healing: Explore advanced topics for comprehensive wellness.

You Also Get:

  • Personalized Intermittent Fasting Schedules
  • Activating Journal Prompts & Feminine Meditations
  • Rewiring Audio & Video Trainings
  • Weekly Coaching Sessions with Recordings
  • Private SMS Access for Personal Questions

Bonus Content:

  • Body Shaping with Coach Drake
  • Grocery Lists, Meal Plans & Recipe Ideas
  • Potent Affirmations

Get ready to unleash the healthiest, most powerful version of yourself. Join us in the New Body & Mind Playshop today!

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